Delete the contents of a directory

This snippet explains how you can delete the contents of a directory with deleting the contents itself, as the folder could have sharing information etc. It also explains how to do it, the .NET way.

''' <summary>
''' Deletes the contents of a directory.
''' </summary>
''' <param name="dir">Directory to delete the contents of.</param>

Public Sub DeleteDirContents(ByVal dir As IO.DirectoryInfo)
    Dim fa() As IO.FileInfo
    Dim f As IO.FileInfo

    fa = dir.GetFiles

    For Each f In fa

    Dim da() As IO.DirectoryInfo
    Dim d1 As IO.DirectoryInfo

    da = dir.GetDirectories
    For Each d1 In da
End Sub

' To use the subroutine, use this code inside a subroutine.
' "c:\lol" being the path you would like to use.
DeleteDirContents(New IO.DirectoryInfo("c:\lol"))

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