Delta All-In-One

Delta All-In-One is a huge Admin Script, it's primary goal was to create a very feature rich administration script, but keep ease of use in mind. The admin script was in competition with Xtreme Admin Script, as it's features were over the standard at that time. A member of the community found a very major bug with the script, and due to my lack of ability to test (I am inable to 'play internet games' and needed another client to test the bug), I was forced to stop developing the script. The final version was v1.02a.


  • Ingame Installer
  • Level System
  • DCMD
  • Server Stats
  • Jail On Spawn Technology
  • Set Spawn HP Technology
  • Forever Muted Technology
  • Player Profiles System
  • Anti-Spam System
  • Anti-Interior Kill System
  • ChatSystem
  • Playerban and Clanban
  • Anti Driveby Abuse
  • Includes
  • S:Server Flood protection
  • S:Interior

Delta All-In-One Installation

Installing Delta All-In-One is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Run this filterscript, join your server and log into rcon.
2. Delta All-In-One will detect you are an rcon admin and prompt you to install Delta.
3. Type /install to install required files, then /configure to personalize the script to do what you want it to do.

How to make your first administrator.
Creating an administrator is done outside the game, for maximum security. To create an administrator, you must first create an account. To do this, type /register [password]. A file will then be created to your /scriptfiles/delta/PlayerInfo folder.
Open this file with Notepad, or your prefered RAW text editor, then change the value of Level to 5. This player is now a full administrator of the server.

Delta All-In-One Requirements:

Delta All-In-One Requires the following libraries:

Dutils: version 1.6 or later
Dini: version 1.4 or later
Sinterior: version 1.0 or later
DDUDB: Included with script
dprop: version 1.0 or later

Delta All-In-One full commands list:

Help System

/dhelp: The Delta All-In-One help list. It contains infomation on how to use the Filterscript to its full potential.
/dahelp: The Delta All-In-One administration help list. It contains all the Administration commands that you can access at your level.
/dchelp: The Delta All-In-One ChatSystem help list. It contains all the commands available for the ChatSystem
/dphelp: The Delta All-In-One Profile help list. It contains all the commands for Player Profiles
/dihelp: The Delta All-In-One Installation help list. It contains information on installing the filterscript
/dcredits: The Delta All-In-One credits list. It contains a list of people who contributed in getting the script released


/install: The Delta All-In-One Installer. You can only access the installer, if your logged into Rcon, and the Config file has Install enabled. If the file doesnt exist, Install mode will activate on the next filterscript initialisation
/configure: The Delta All-In-One Configuration Wizard. You can only access the configuration wizard, if your logged into Rcon.


/login [password]: Logs you into the server. If you don't login, you will be kicked on spawn, if install = 0
/register [password]: Creates an account. You will need the account for future usage of the server

Profile Commands

/profile [playerid]: View's a profile of an online player
/cprofile: Creates a profile. You will then enter a specialized installer for profile information

Chat Commands

/convo [playerid]: Talk to a specific player only
/endconvo: Stops talking, and puts you back in public chat
/dpm [playerid] [text]: Send a private message to a player
/me [text]: Sends a message to all players, primarily used to justify an action.
/dpm [playerid] [text]: Send a private message to a player
/ignore [playerid]: Makes a player inable to talk to you via pm
/unignore [playerid]: Makes a player able to talk to you via pm

Server Statistics

/dstats: Views the current server statistics
/pstats [playerid]: Views a players stats

Level 1 Admin Commands (Normal User)

/admins: Views a list of currently online administrators
/report [text]: Sends a report to all currently online administrators

Level 2 Admin Commands

/mute [playerid] [reason]: Stops a player from talking
/unmute [playerid] [reason]: Allows a player to start talking
/killplayer [playerid] [reason]: Kills a player
/slap [playerid]: Reduces a players health by 25, and displays a message across the server
/amsg [text]: Sends a formatted message to all connected players resembling an admin
/goto [playerid]: Teleports you to the specified player

Level 3 Admin Commands

/kick [playerid] [reason]: Kicks a player from the server
/announce [text]: Sends Gametext to everyone on the server
/settime [hour]: Sets the server time
/freeze [playerid] [reason]: Freezes a player
/unfreeze [playerid] [reason]: Unfreezes a player
/jail [playerid] [reason]: Jails a player
/unjail [playerid] [reason]: Unjails a player

Level 4 Admin Commands

/ban [playerid] [reason]: Bans a player from the server
/givecash [playerid] [cash]: Gives a player cash
/heal [playerid]: Heals a player
/sethp [playerid] [hp]: Changes a players health to the value you specify
/giveweapon [playerid] [weaponid] [ammo]: Gives a player a weapon with ammo
/slapall]: Reduces everybody's health by 25, and displays a message across the server

Level 5 Admin Commands

/spawnhp [playerid] [hp]: Sets a players spawn hp
/setlevel [playerid] [level]: Sets a players administration level
/spoofpwn [playerid]: Spams the kill log, making a player the victim of your l33tness
/smsg [text]: Spoofs a server message from the console of the server
/endmode: Ends the current Gamemode
/kickall [reason]: Kicks everyone on the server
/banall [reason]: Bans everyone on the server
/togchat [reason]: Toggles chat on or off for the server
/banclan [clan]: Bans a clan from accessing the server



  • Various bug fixes, Server statistics now work properly.
  • Server doesn't crash on a suicide.


  • S:Server Flood Protection (Courtesy of Sacky)
  • /Ignore and /Unignore
  • Properties for the initiation of timers
  • Bug fixes with various commands
  • Server stats save to a file, thus your server stats aren't killed on a GMX


  • Initial Version

Delta All-In-One Credits

  • Cheaterwatch: Without cheaterwatch, a lot of the script's ban functions would be half done.
  • Dracoblue: Thanks to Dracoblue for Dutils, Dini, Dudb, DCMD and all the work he has done for the community.
  • Sacky: For SInterior, Playerban, Clanban and listening to me bitch and complain lol.
  • SHAC: for AntiSpam and AntiHealth Hack protection.
  • Scarface: for Fcukit anti-driveby abuse technology.
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