GMCycle is a method of cycling as many gamemodes as you want. Currently, you are restricted to 16 gamemode choices (gamemode0 - gamemode15), but with this script you can use as many as you need. This howto is aimed at intermediate scripters.

It is very important that you read all the detail below, to fully understand how the script works.

The Filterscript

The GMCycle filterscript is there to do all the calculation, it checks which gamemode should be running where, and put it into the correct order. Every time GameModeExit() is called, the include, which I will explain in the next section, bypasses the regular GameModeExit() native to call the scripts main function, GameModeInitEx() remotely.

The Include

The include houses out native for GameModeExit(). We need to change values in here, as they would be already defined if we tried to use them in our own include. In order to get GameModeInitEx() to be called, we have to edit the way it is accessed.

We will change:

native GameModeExit();


native r_GameModeExit() = GameModeExit;
stock GameModeExit() CallRemoteFunction("GameModeExitEx", "");

So we can call the function. Of course, if you aren't running the filterscript when you try and call GameModeExit(), you are going to have problems.

Once you have the include changed, you must recompile all scripts you want to use with the script, or it will call the original native.

As IJzerenRita pointed out below, you can use a #define to get the job done also, this means you don't have to touch the include, but you need to add it to all the gamemodes you want to use.

Quote from: IJzerenRita on October 02, 2007, 04:07:19 am

Instead of changing the .inc, which could cause problems when compiling a "regular" game mode, you could add a #define like so:

#define GameModeExit() CallRemoteFunction("GameModeExitEx", "")

This will replace any GameModeExit() call with the remote function call. You can add this define to the game mode you like to work with GMCycle.

The List of gamemodes

I have not added support for multiple sessions of the same gamemode, as this can be done scriptwise anyhow. By default, your file to read from should be "/scriptfiles/gmcycle.txt." Please set it out like so:


Replacing the gamemode names with whatever way you want, however you want. If you make a mistake with the spelling, again, your gonna have problems .

Download - FS Pastebin - INC Pastebin

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