Math's With George

Math's with George is a game humouring George W. Bush and the war on terror. It is currently under heavy development at the moment, so please stand by to see some updates on the progress. You can view the progress page here.

Plot / Storyline.

George awakes from a good night sleep, walks down the flight of stairs, goes to make his breakfast and find’s his wife lying in a puddle of blood with half her brain sliding down the wall. There left a sticky note, “5+5=6 by Osama Bin Laden”. Now judging by this note, Osama either got so many mathematical questions right, or George’s wife’s head exploded because she is gullible enough to believe they were right.

After pondering for about four hours straight, George Bush found that criminal mastermind Osama Bin Laden had made a fatal error, 5+5=10! After finding this answer out with his calculator, George Bush gets cocky, and creates a war on terrorism, against the country’s will of course, as nobody really liked his wife, let alone him.

After, the party decided they’d lay off the drugs, they asked themselves, why do we always send the poor, and why don’t presidents fight the war? Thus, George endeavoured to fight a war all by himself, because that’s the kind of strong minded person he is.

Now, there is no real protagonist in this story, as George is hardly a hero, rather an absent minded fool that thinks he can win a war without any weapons or backup. Luckily enough, Osama Bin Laden being the mastermind he is, hasn’t trained his corporals to use firearms, and taught them something useful like maths instead.

Armed with a calculator, will George over power Osama beating his slaves with math questions the difficulty of a 3rd grade level, or will mastermind Osama beat George with his incredible math skills?! Sarcasm aside, you decide.

Rooms / Levels

  1. Title – “Maths with George”
  2. George’s Room – Awakes and walks out the room.
  3. Corridor – A room filled with doors, until you find a staircase.
  4. Lounge Room – Find’s Wife dead with note.
  5. Meeting Room – Where they decide they will stop taking drugs.
  6. Outside the Whitehouse – George presents a speech about the war on terrorism.
  7. Meeting Room – Why don’t presidents fight the war?
  8. Rooftop Helipad – Goes on a helicopter to Afghanistan.
  9. Street’s Of Afghanistan 1 – A number torn area.
  10. Street’s Of Afghanistan 2 – Another number torn area.
  11. Big Dusty Mountain – A mountain known to contain Number Mines.
  12. Osama’s Hideout – A small cave with a sign, “Not Osama’s Place”.
  13. George Returns – A small group of people applaud George.
  14. Credits – List of people that contributed to the game.

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