Pacman Scramble

Pacman Scramble, is a two-player split screen deathmatch (get the most kills) with statistics and multiple levels by Rodger Benham. The aim of the game is to get the most kills before the time runs out (currently it's 250 seconds). The game is currently in development, and is nearing completion.


The evil overlord of planet mars has arisen due to a major meteor hitting the planet and unfreezing him. Onboard the meteor, were various pacman warriors. It is your duty to entertain the evil overlord by fighting to the death, or he will destroy all civilization.


The game is played by attempting to kill each other by shooting. The game will count how many kills/deaths have occurred and present them at the end of the round. The player that gets the most kills will win, and the two players will progress to the next level.

Game Flow.

Every 5 Minutes you will progress to the next level. Difficulty increases as you progress, including more monsters and an increase in ways to die, etc.


  • ESC = Exits the game.
  • F2 = Stats (while playing).
  • Player 1: Left, Right, Up, Down = Movement, Alt = Shoot.
  • Player 2: W,S,A,D = Movement, Ctrl = Shoot.
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