This page contains a list of projects I have coded. Most of these projects contain source, and you are allowed to distribute, reproduce and copy any material you would like to use, provided you credit the original author.

SA-MP Scripts

Title Description Language Download
Lost Isle DM An SA-MP Deathmatch gamemode. PAWN Pastebin
GTA: Bombing Run A Bombing Run SA-MP gamemode. PAWN Pastebin
R:UNOS Nitrous without waiting periods. PAWN Pastebin
Delta All-In-One A huge Admin Script. (BUGGY/UNSUPPORTED). PAWN Rapidshare and German Mirror
Server Flood Protection A Filterscript that helps prevent server floods. Coded by Me, Betamaster and Sacky. PAWN Pastebin
Anti Drive-by Kit A script that prevents drive-by usage. PAWN Pastebin
IntLink Links vehicles to interiors automatically. PAWN Pastebin
RC Entering Filterscript Allows the player to enter RC Cars. PAWN Pastebin
GMCycle Allows the server owner to cycle through an unlimited amount of gamemodes, instead of 15. PAWN FS Pastebin and INC Pastebin

MSN Applications

Title Description Language Download
MSN Announcer Announces a message to all online contacts. VB.NET Rapidshare

Firefox Extensions

Title Description Language Download
SA-MP Button A Button that links the user to SA-MP related sites. Javascript/CSS Rapidshare
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