R:UNOS (Ramjet's Unlimited NOS (Nitrous Oxide)), is a SA-MP script that allows people to use as much nitrous as they want, without a waiting period. Usually in Grand Theft Auto: San Andereas, Nitrous stays for about 20 seconds. This script deminishes this waiting time.

Although v1.0 was flexible, those not possessing knowledge of the vehicle ID's (unlike me), could crash the client as vehicles that could not have nitrous applied to them (bikes, planes, helecopters etc), were not supported in GTA:SA. v1.1 warrented this problem, and only vehicles that work with Transfender (a mod shop) could get nitrous.


Pastebin - v1.1 - Now only transfenderable cars can be used.
Pastebin - v1.0 - Initial Release.

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