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SA-MP Button is a Firefox plugin that was created to provide ease of use and speed when switching between SA-MP related websites, and executing the server browser itself, via the browser. The plugin worked by adding a button to the toolbar, executing sites on button presses and working with the Registry to obtain the SA-MP executable path.

This is my first Firefox plugin to date, and it was quite ironic that it would not upload to the Mozilla website or allow to be downloaded from an individually owned website, however I have full confidence it will work downloaded on your machine without any malware or spyware.


For those worried about source, all packed Firefox Extensions are ZIP Files.
The XPI is a ZIP File in disguise; if your interested in looking within the package just rename the file extension to ZIP.


v1.1 - Final Release

  • The script contacts the registry to find the installation folder, so the minority of the population with non-default installation directories can still use the feature.

v1.0 - Initial Release

  • 9 quick launch links to SA-MP related sites.


Download the file to your preferred directory and open up Firefox. Goto File > Open File… then locate your sampbutton.xpi file. The installer should then prompt you whether or not you want to install the file.

After installing this extension, you will need to add the button to a Toolbar. This can be achieved by clicking View > Toolbars > Customize….


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