[S:B:R] Server Flood Protection

[S:B:R] Server Flood Protection (or Sacky, Betamaster and Ramjet Server Flood Protection) is a script that protects the server from Denial Of Service attacks. It was the second of it's kind, the first was made by Sacky; it worked for an older version of the server crasher, but failed with the latest version.

Betamaster and Myself decided we would collaborate, as a cheating / DoS clan rose over SA-MP, and nobody could play without the possibility of a DoS attack. Betamaster and myself both worked on creating the script, with speed (very critical) and the ability to stop them. I then created a nice user interface for the administrator's and SA-MP had a protection method.

After 0.2, the protection mechanism was not needed.


  • Flood Log: Logs the time and date of a flooding attempt.
  • Administration Center: Maintain your server with an Administration Center.
  • Non ASCII Protection: Stops timeouts and crashing with text filtration (Credits to Y_Less).
  • Informs Player's of bannage and places a message in the console.

Administration System

The administration center allows you to change settings remotely, without the need for drastic measures. You must be logged into RCON before you can gain privileges to it.

/fmenu [startservice/stopservice/maxfloods/version/credits]



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