Get Windows Experience Index base score for Vista

This snippet empowers the bearer the ability to check the base score of a machine capable of omitting one, e.g. Vista or higher. A base score is calculated regarding the computer's lowest rating per component tested (or subscore).


''' <summary>
''' Gets the base score of a computer running Windows Vista or higher.
''' </summary>
''' <returns>The String Representation of Score, or False.</returns>
''' <remarks></remarks>

Public Function GetBaseScore() As String

    ' Check if the computer has a \WinSAT dir.
    If System.IO.Directory.Exists("C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore") Then

        ' Our method to get the most recently updated score.
        ' Because the program makes a new XML file on every update of the score,
        ' we need to calculate the most recent, just incase the owner has upgraded.

        Dim Dir As New IO.DirectoryInfo("C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore")
        Dim fileDir() As IO.FileInfo
        Dim fileMostRecent As IO.FileInfo
        Dim LastAccessTime As Date
        Dim LastAccessPath As String = ""
        fileDir = Dir.GetFiles

        ' Loop through the files in the \WinSAT dir to find the newest one.

        For Each fileMostRecent In fileDir
            If fileMostRecent.LastAccessTime >= LastAccessTime Then
                LastAccessTime = fileMostRecent.LastAccessTime
                LastAccessPath = fileMostRecent.FullName
            End If

        ' Create an XmlTextReader instance.
        Dim xmlReadScore As New System.Xml.XmlTextReader(LastAccessPath)

        ' Disable whitespace handling so we don't read over them
        xmlReadScore.WhitespaceHandling = System.Xml.WhitespaceHandling.None

            ' We need to get to the 25th tag, "WinSPR".
        For I As Integer = 0 To 26

        ' Create a string variable, so we can clean up without any mishaps.
        Dim SystemScore As String = xmlReadScore.ReadElementString("SystemScore")
        ' Clean up.

        Return SystemScore ' Return the String representation of the Base Score.
    End If

    ' Unsuccessful.
    Return False
End Function

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